Our Philosophy...

PEC was established in 2004 as an exclusive, member-owned captive program. Originally charted as the "Pennsylvania Employers Coalition," we now have members in multiple states and trade simply as PEC. Our program provides an alternative workers' compensations solution and risk sharing opportunity for independently owned and operated staffing firms that demonstrate exceptional commitment toward controlling their losses. With continued profitable growth as a high priority, PEC is looking for like-minded boutique staffing firms that meet the requirements outlined on the program description.

The Benefits

  1. Stable rates and competitive pricing-protection from cyclical rate fluctuations associated with the traditional insurance marketplace
  2. Proactive claims handling and medical cost management
  3. Highest quality loss control and risk management services
  4. Included membership to the Safety Training and Compliance portion of Business and Legal Resources
  5. Quarterly financial statement reporting with monthly loss runs
  6. Unique dividend structure allows for potential shareholder dividends based on program performance

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